Our story

We began our family business in the spring of 2000 to serve designers and the wholesale trade with customized artwork. We chose to dive into the eco-friendly digital image world with both feet. Purchasing state of the art equipment and mastering a color correct (work-flow) in a matter of months, we had clients from coast to coast.

As the 2008 economic crunch affected the commercial trades, we took what we learned and expanded our services to professional photographers, artists, and the retail public. We not only survived the slow down, but found a new passion in creating top-end image products that honed our skills even more. We also found in the new digital age that everyone was capturing thousands of images but only printing a select few. Our boutique approach fit right in with where the market was taking us.

Fast forward to the end of 2015. It was at this point, as our son was a drum major for his high school band, the idea of PixFunder was born. Watch the video below and we’ll share how it happened.

Be committed, make a difference, enjoy the process. PixFunder is a community effort and we want to thank you for letting us be a part of your community.

PixFunder Founder,

Mark Lakey