Features and Benefits
that make a difference.
PixFunder prints money for you!
If you are frustrated with fundraising programs that don’t deliver as promised, PixFunder helps you turn your organization’s shared memories into money in the best way possible.
Giving photo sharing a whole new meaning.
Want to share some of your great photos from a special event or even family photos? Upload them and invite anyone interested to buy one or more prints on paper, canvas or metal. For about the same price as a print from your local photo center you get a long-lasting memory and your organization gets 50% of the purchase price.
Raising funds with PixFunder is a win-win for everyone.
We were thrilled to get a beautiful print of our grandson’s band event that we were unable to attend. — Pete & Beryl
Every school and non-profit needs to raise money.
PixFunder makes fundraising easy, profitable, and safe!

• Anyone with a smart phone camera can participate by sharing images.

• Social connectivity built-in to spread your message and achieve your goals.

• Provides products people really want and that provide a lifetime of good memories.

• Intuitive systems that are easy to understand and navigate.


• Multiply fundraising opportunities by creating multiple campaigns.

• 50% of every photo print sale is yours.

• 90% of all direct donations is yours.

• No penalties for not meeting unrealistic goals.


• Keeps children out of the direct sales business.

• Funds are deposited electronically.

• No accounting errors. No theft.

Additional Benefits

• No time limits. Campaigns can run for as short

or long as you determine.

• No risk. You can approve or reject any photo.

• Free marketing tools.

• Quality products from an established company.