How does my school or organization sign up? Fill out the sign up form on our website and a PixFunder representative will contact you to finish setting up your account.

What does it cost to get started with PixFunder and are there any hidden fees? It doesnt cost anything to sign up your organization or school. The fee structure is simple and is designed to help you achieve your fundraising goals easily.

What is the catch? There is no catch! Run a PixFunder campaign and receive 50% of all photo products sold through your store. You can also accept simple donations and you keep 90% of all donations.

How do I upload photos? On your school or organization home page or on your account page.

How secure is my info? And my pictures? Every purchase is done thru secure Stripe gateways. Your private images will only be visible to you. You have the ability to share your images with the school or organization you are connected with.

How do we manage our school or organization account? Each school or organization will have an administrator page.

What print options are available? There are 115 different variations of products and 2 different packages of paper prints. To learn about each type of product go here.

Do I get tax credit for the donations? We are not accountants or IRS tax code experts, you will need to check with your accountant for any tax deductible questions.

What are the benefits for my school? There are many benefits of utilizing the PixFunder platform go here

What are the benefits for my parents? In addition to the benefits for the school or organization, parents can now purchase products that last.

What are the benefits for the students? Students can focus on their school work and not be tasked with being door-to-door salesmen/saleswomen.

What if my order gets damaged during shipment? Contact us and we will replace your items as fast as possible.